Happy birthday Andie!

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Richard with that cute lil’ flick of hair over his forehead is my favourite thing…
I mean..



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Photographer AU, anyone?
Misha Cruise, Vancon 2014.
More photos to come later tonight!
(Photos taken by me, please do not use without credit.)

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Misha Collins alphabet: On set & bloopers

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2014 Vancon cruise [x]

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Vancon 2014 - Misha’s Saturday Panel
How Cas would react to a human Impala + Misha’s dirty joke and getting slapped by his grandma + talks about Cooking with West + audience sings Happy Birthday

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Still not creating anything original. But damn can I reblog witht he best of them.

I do have a plotbunny scampering around in my brain. Maybe if they ever let up on overtime at work I'll actually write it down.

I'm currently working my way through all the fics written by HigherMagic. I am really enjoying myself. I read a whole lot, so who I'm reading will change quite often.